I wake up every single morning wishing I could sleep for around 2 years. how

Another absolutely incredible weekend… It only took going on Awakening for 4 times to realize that every retreat is so incredibly different yet full of blessings that I exactly need at the given moment. From building some of the most valuable relationships I’ve made at Duke to learning so much from the given talks, prayers and my peer staffers, He somehow doesn’t cease to surprise me with His love and understanding. Just how? Blown away by His grace once again, I plan to go to bed tonight and sleep for about a million years! 

Thought about our promised brunch at Gugulhuf briefly crossed my mind last week. Eh, I’ll schedule that with her later.

Tonight, I can’t push things aside and count on them happening later. I wanted to know more about her sister and how excited she was to soon move to San Francisco. I wanted to gossip with her about her boyfriend. We went to Monuts together last Saturday morning when she sat across from me and we teased her for accidentally spilled egg yolk all over herself. We went to the Loop bar together for P-Checks and laughed at Ben and Dan being silly. I felt bad about stealing the common room chair from her while watching the UNC game but didn’t even get to apologize about it yet, what do you mean she’s gone? 

I realize I can’t take relationships for granted. I spend all of my time worrying about 10 and 20 years down the road but I don’t think enough about how grateful I am to have this single day with the people around me. This moment, right now, with every individual in my life, am I making the most out of it? Next time I let someone go, I don’t want to have any regret. Thank you for reminding me what is important. 

(via p1nkm4n)

(via p1nkm4n)



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